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Flippinstick Bait Co

Introducing Flippin Stick Bait Co as the latest brand partner joining forces with Vantage Tackle. This small but passionate company takes pride in producing top-notch baits in limited batches. With a focus on quality and precision, they collaborate closely with weekend anglers and tournament participants to tailor baits for specific angling situations.

Their commitment to quality shines through in their durable baits, meticulously designed to match various fishing techniques. Offering a unique array of colors, some exclusive to their brand, Flippin Stick Bait Co stands out for consistently producing baits that entice bites.

The owner, Mike Lukjanowicz, extends an invitation to try their baits and encourages anglers to share their catch by tagging @Flippinstick_ on Instagram. As their slogan goes, when using Flippinstick Bait Company baits, "you're gonna catch 'em!"

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