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Fishin Magician

The Fishin Magician Skid Stik originates from the passion of Larry Musselman, an avid fisherman stationed at Otis Air Force Base in 1960. Eager to explore Cape Cod's Striped Bass fishing, Larry acquired a boat named "The Skidder," expanding his fishing horizons. With a knack for craftsmanship, Larry began crafting his own lures, dubbed "the Skidder Plug," after his boat, alongside his son Harvey and friend Chris Nerolich.

Decades later, Chris still craved the thrill of using Larry's handmade lures for Striped Bass fishing. With encouragement from Chris, skeptic Steve Bachand agreed to invest in the necessary equipment to recreate the lures. They were fortunate to obtain the last original "Skidder Plug" from Harvey, serving as the blueprint for their new design, the Skid Stik. Leveraging Steve's expertise in product development, they fine-tuned the design through numerous prototypes, achieving remarkable success in fishing trials.

Encouraged by their positive results, Chris and Steve expanded their operation to offer the Skid Stik to anglers, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques for optimal performance. Each lure boasts precision balancing, realistic features, and durable construction at an affordable price, making it a standout choice for today's anglers

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  • Fishin Magician

    Fishin Magician 4" Skid Stick

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  • Fishin Magician

    Fishin Magician 5" Skid Stick

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