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Bobcat Bumpkin Custom Lures

James “Bobcat” Long is the owner of Bobcat Bumpkin Custom Lures, a family-owned and operated lure making company specializing in various types of fishing lures including jigs, night-time spinnerbaits, shakey heads, swimbait heads, swing heads, underspins, and lure knockers. The company has been crafting custom jigs since 2006, but officially launched in 2011. 

All products at Bobcat Bumpkin Custom Lures are meticulously crafted from scratch, with each jig poured, painted, and hand-tied to offer customization according to individual preferences. The company takes immense pride in their craftsmanship, striving to satisfy every customer.

Originating from a personal quest for better fishing gear, James began making jigs for himself, family, and friends due to dissatisfaction with the quality, action, and prices of manufactured jigs. His insistence on hand-tied jigs stems from the belief that they offer superior durability and action compared to those with rubber collars. Additionally, their products often feature oversized hooks to enhance hook-up ratios and minimize lost catches.


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