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Allusive Baits

If you want to show them something different, it is hard to go wrong with hand poured plastics from Allusive Baits.

Based in Mississippi, owner Damon Johnson designs and pours each bait by hand. In contrast to mass produced offerings, the hand-pouring process creates baits with a more natural action in the water. This can mimic the movements of live bait better than mass-produced swimbaits, attracting more fish. Due to their softer material, these baits can offer increased sensitivity as well as better hook penetration. This can help anglers feel more subtle strikes and get the hook set deep on fish you might otherwise miss.

Another key factor is the premium plastics used by hand pourers. Allowing for clarity, realism, and premium colors you will not see in many mass produced baits. 

If you are ready to step up to hand poured plastics, you will find few options better than the offerings from Allusive Baits!

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