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How to grow your tackle company

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Terry Thornton |

For custom bass tackle designers, lure painters, and soft plastic lure manufacturers eyeing strategic growth, Vantage Tackle is your pivotal partner, not just a platform. We will work with you to showcase your innovative creations, custom-painted crankbaits, and uniquely crafted soft plastic lures to a discerning audience, to grow your sales and expand your brand's footprint in a very difficult market to break into.  

Vantage Tackle strives to fill a gap marketplace; becoming the first retail site of it's kind focused solely on the independent tackle companies. We are a curated retail space meticulously designed to spotlight the uniqueness of your offerings. By aligning with us, you gain exposure within a community that deeply appreciates craftsmanship. By doing so, we hope to collectively advance all of our brand partners within this industry

The benefits extend beyond sales growth; Vantage Tackle is your gateway to industry recognition. Your brand becomes part of a select group celebrated for its dedication to quality and innovation. Enjoy unparalleled brand promotion as we actively market and spotlight your offerings through various channels, enhancing your visibility and industry standing.

Here's the unique promise: Vantage Tackle takes pride in not stocking mass-produced products from major corporations in China. We are committed to showcasing the craftsmanship of independent creators, steering clear of the generic. For custom lure painters and soft plastic lure manufacturers, this means a platform dedicated to the unique, the authentic, and the passionately crafted.

By becoming part of Vantage Tackle, you're not just selling more; you're strategically positioning your custom tackle business for comprehensive growth. Maintain control over your brand identity, and quality while tapping into a dedicated audience of avid anglers who appreciate the craftsmanship behind each product.

5 Advantages to working Vantage Tackle

  1. Craftsmanship Spotlight: Showcase the uniqueness of your hand-poured worms and custom-painted crankbaits to captivate a discerning audience of anglers looking for something that sets them apart from the crowd, offers differentiation, and let's them show something different to the fish in their home lakes.

  2. Industry Recognition: Elevate your brand by joining a select group celebrated for dedication to quality and innovation, garnering industry recognition.

  3. Brand Promotion: Enjoy unparalleled visibility as Vantage Tackle actively promotes and spotlights your offerings, reaching a broader audience.

  4. Authentic Platform: Associate with a platform committed to authenticity, steering clear of mass-produced generic products from major corporations.

  5. Sales growth: Partnering with Vantage Tackle means more than exposure—it's a catalyst for sales growth, where your custom tackle takes center stage, reaching a dedicated community of passionate anglers.

If you are a tackle builder, and would like to join us at Vantage Tackle to help drive sales and grow your brand, reach out to us to discuss becoming a brand partner.