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How to Find a Bass Fishing Sponsorship

How to Find a Bass Fishing Sponsorship

Terry Thornton |

Vantage Tackle Pro Staff Program

Are you an aspiring bass angler eager to land your first sponsorship deal? Here's a simple way to kickstart your journey with Vantage Tackle LLC.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador:
Offering to become a brand ambassador is a prime strategy for most tournament anglers. Here's what you can offer:
  1. Expertise and Passion: Showcase your proficiency and love for bass fishing through social media, tournaments, and community involvement.
  2. Visibility: Utilize platforms like Instagram, YouTube, bass fishing forums, and Facebook to share your fishing adventures and promote sponsor products.
  3. Engagement: Interact with your audience regularly to build credibility and connection.
  4. Product Promotion: Endorse products authentically, highlighting their impact on your fishing success.
  5. Cultivated Audience: You have worked hard to cultivate an audience and fan base that values your judgement, and endorsements. Share products, and concepts you believe in with this audience. 
Vantage Tackle Pro Staff Program Details
Securing your first bass fishing sponsor takes dedication, networking, and persistence. By showcasing your passion and expertise, you can turn your angling dreams into sponsorship reality and a partnership with Vantage Tackle.To help you on this journey, Vantage Tackle LLC. is introducing our Pro Staff Program. A simple and direct path to Pro Staff positions and even CASH Sponsorship!
Tier One: Brand Ambassador 
Our Pro Staff Program offers two tiers, each with its own set of exclusive benefits. Tier One, known as the Brand Ambassador, is designed to kickstart your journey with Vantage Tackle LLC. If you are accepted as a Brand Ambassador, you'll enjoy the following perks:
  1. Personal Discount Code: Receive a generous 20% discount on all Vantage Tackle products with a personalized discount code. This discount is exclusive to you and can be used for your personal fishing needs.
  2. Logo Usage Rights: Showcase your affiliation with Vantage Tackle by using our logos on your social media profiles, jerseys, and even your boat and truck.
  3. Promotional Package: Once you are accepted, gain access to our free promotional package, filled with exciting Vantage Tackle gear and merchandise. You will also receive free new products when applicable for testing and reviews as long as you continue to be an active ambassador of the Vantage Tackle Brand.
  4. Featured Introduction: Be introduced to our community through Vantage Tackle blogs and social media platforms, giving you exposure to fellow anglers and enthusiasts.
Tier One Requirements
While Tier One offers fantastic benefits, we also expect a level of commitment from our Brand Ambassadors to maintain the integrity of our program. To maintain your status and unlock further opportunities, you'll need to fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Social Media Engagement: Make a minimum of eight posts per month on your social media channels, featuring Vantage Tackle products or logos. Though we encourage short videos and reels. Photo posts, blogs, and written product reviews are also welcomed.
  2. Product Reviews: Provide insightful product reviews to help fellow anglers make informed decisions.
  3. Lifestyle Photography: Regularly submit lifestyle-type photos featuring Vantage Tackle products for use on our social media platforms and marketing campaigns.
Upon completing these requirements consistently for three consecutive months, you'll be eligible for Tier Two status, unlocking even more benefits and opportunities.
Tier Two: Pro Staff Member
Tier Two, also known as the Pro Staffer is the pinnacle of our program, offering enhanced benefits to our most dedicated ambassadors. In addition to all Tier One benefits; Pro Staff Members receive:
  1. Affiliate Link: Gain access to an affiliate link for promoting Vantage Tackle products, allowing you to earn cash rewards for your referrals.
  2. Cash Incentives: Enjoy cash incentives tailored to your performance, provided through a separate contract and case by case scenario tailored specifically for you disclosed upon achieving Tier Two status.
Join the Vantage Tackle Pro Staff Program Today
Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting your fishing journey, the Vantage Tackle Pro Staff Program offers an unparalleled opportunity to enrich your bass fishing career. Join our community of passionate anglers, share your expertise, and reap the rewards of being a Vantage Tackle ambassador.
 There will be limited number of approved applicants.
CONTACT US to receive your application and become a part of the Vantage Tackle Pro Staff family! 



Date: 3-15-24