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Jake's Lure Joint 

Jake's Lure Joint embarked on its journey in 2018, right from the confines of his own garage, driven solely by a passion for fishing. What initially began as a humble hobby took a significant turn when his wife encouraged him to share his meticulously crafted baits with the world, approximately a year later.

Fishing has always held a special place in his heart; as the ultimate way to unwind during his downtime. Serving in the military has offered him the opportunity to test his baits diverse locations and partake in fishing adventures across the country.

Featured Baits

Over the years, Jake has gained recognition for several outstanding bait creations, including the 2.75" Tiny Tubes, 4" Tubes, and his hand-poured Swimmers. Among his signature offerings are the 5" Mondo Tubes, the perfect flipping tube.

In addition to these standout products, Jake offers a wide range of other baits, each crafted with the same dedication and expertise. All of his baits undergo a meticulous curing process that spans a minimum of 48 hours, allowing them to settle into their ideal form.

These fishing lures have undergone rigorous testing by anglers all over the country, with countless success stories of landing remarkable catches.